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Did you know that you are still responsible for your waste after it leaves your property? Using a company that is not a registered waste carrier can see your waste fly tipped, and you held liable, receiving a huge fine or even prison time. Safer Clear are fully registered waste carriers with the Environment Agency, and as such you can trust that any waste is disposed of responsibly.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Our Mission

The Office Clearance Service from Safer Clear couldn’t be simpler and we ensure that all traces of the business that was once in the office are gone, leaving the space ready for a new tenant.

Our Values

We avoid items going to landfill at all costs and we do this through our close ties with several local charities. We want every item that we remove during house clearance to find a new home. If they can’t be donated to a worthwhile cause then items are recycled.

How does house clearance with Safer Clear work?

  • You contact us via the form below with some details about the property you need cleared, when you need it cleared, how many rooms there are and how much needs cleared, pictures are always helpful at this stage.
  • We give you a cost for clearing the property the office.
  • You confirm that you are happy with our quote and we set a date for the office clearance and if required a date for our cleaning team to clean the office too.
  • One the day we can either meet you at the office, or can collect the keys from somewhere nearby.
  • Anything that we find that is of significant value can either be left for you, or the value removed from the cost of the house clearance services from Safer Clear, it’s entirely up to you.
  • We return the keys to you and an invoice is provided for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

About House Clearances with Safer Clear
How much does office clearance cost?

Short answer… it depends…sorry, we know you just want a straight answer but it depends greatly on the size of the property, the location, and how much content there is to remove so get in touch for an accurate cost. Items of high value found in the property are subtracted from our fee. Beware companies offering “free” office clearances. they are likely uninsured, not registered with the Environment Agency, and not going to inform you of items of value, and most likely, as waste disposal is the highest cost of a house clearance company, they are going to fly tip anything deemed not valuable.

Are you registered to carry commercial waste?

Yes we are, you can check our details below.

Is there anything you can’t take?

The only thing we can’t take are gas ovens and boilers that are still fitted, this requires a gas safety certificate which we do not currently have. You should ensure that any house clearance company offering to disconnect a gas appliances has the correct certification to do so. 


Should I pack items before you arrive?
No, please do not pack anything if you have not already done so as we have to separate & sort items for recycling & charity. We can pack everything ourselves, clothing, empty drawers, cupboards and even the food from the cupboards.
Do you donate items to charity?

Yes, the majority of the items we clear from houses goes to charity, we have close relationships with several local charities, however if you have a charity you would like items to go to then please just let us know and we can always try to accommodate. 

What do I do now?
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